Places of Climate Change (PloCC)

Places of Climate Change (PloCC) is a collaborative research forum that unites perspectives from many disciplines at Bangor University. This allows academics, researchers, and PhD students to jointly address sense-of-place notions in relation to climate change.

The notion of ‘place’ has long been recognised in human geography and other areas as a locational concept to which humans feel attached in some way (e.g., emotionally, culturally or through a sense of responsibility and ownership). Climate change happens globally but is felt locally, in the places where we live and to which we feel attached.

We organise meetings, thematic sub-groups and activities such as seminars and grant writing sessions. If you are interested in joining the group, contact us at or more information. Participants are welcome from all Schools and Colleges within the University. Seminars are open to the wider University and public, for more information click on the Seminars tab.